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GEWA Violin case Luthier II
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GEWA Violin case Luthier II

  • Outer shell in 'stone' design
  • Adjustable patented mechanical neck rest
  • Suitable for 4/4, 3/4 and 1/2 size !!!
  • Inner lining made of high-quality, ultra-light OEKO TEX (certified)
  • Extremely unbreakable, best insulation properties
  • Genuine hand-stitched leather handles
  • Protective cover
  • GEWA patented swivel-type holder, flexible bow bridge
  • Padded suspension system
  • Practical, removable accessory bag
  • Attached music pocket - removable
  • GEWA Luthier logo, engraved
  • Black anodized logo
  • Black hardware
  • Combination lock
  • 2 removable neoprene backpack straps for high carrying comfort
  • Weight 2.2 kg without accessories
  • Made in Germany
GEWA item number:
2200 g

The GEWA AIR series incorporates the best ideas, developments and innovations from decades of case manufacturing.

Each case is a masterpiece of engineering art and at the same time, a fine piece of design.

All models are manufactured with the proprietary GEWA Air Shell Technology. It guarantees an enormously high resistance to breakage, as impacts are absorbed by slight deformation, similar to cars. In addition to this stability, the special manufacturing process ensures highly effective insulation against temperature fluctuations and weather. Due to the materials used, the cases are enormously light, despite their resistance.

In detail:

The outer skin and inner shell of the GEWA Air-Cases are moulded independently of each other. This results in tremendous possibilities for the surface design and interior decoration in the first production step.

Then the two shells are joined together in a special process using 2K foam under pressure. This separation means that neither mechanical loads nor temperature fluctuations can reach the valuable contents of the case, but the outer shell is still flexible enough to absorb shocks.

All models in the GEWA Air series have exceptional, valuable properties and are available in many different shapes, colours and designs.

Air Luthier

The GEWA Air Luthier series was developed in direct collaboration with luthiers and is also only exclusivelyavailable through them and not in other specialist shops. 

The basis was simply the naked case and lots of options. All details were discussed in detail with the experts and revised. The result is a case series that is optimally adapted to the needs of the string instrument making trade. 

It includes cases for violin, viola and cello, with first-class, partly patented features. In particular, the mechanically adjustable neck pad ensures that the case can be adapted exactly to your instrument. 

The modern design, in combination with the soft feel of our new Soft Touch surface, results in a simple elegance that more than does justice to the excellence of your precious instrument.

Don't be surprised if you come across a GEWA Air Luthier case the next time you visit your local luthier's workshop. It is the best thing that can happen to your instrument.

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At its core, it's all about quality.

To ensure that we can meet this demand at all times and without compromise, we develop and manufacture GEWA Made in Germany string instruments and cases in-house.

In Germany. In the Saxon "Musicon Valley".

Each instrument in our GERMANIA, GEORG WALTHER, MAESTRO RUBNER and MAESTRO string series is carefully handcrafted in our master workshops. From the initial idea to the choice of wood to the finished instrument: with dedication and attention to detail, one work of art after another is created here. You can hear that and you can see it.

Even the higher class of our cases is designed and developed on site by our expert teams and manufactured by qualified professionals.

Careful selection of materials, traditional as well as state-of-the-art technologiy and the proverbial indestructibility of our cases have earned us an excellent reputation over the years among the leading musicians of the respective eras. A GEWA case accompanies you and your instrument for a lifetime. No matter where your path takes you, you can always rely on our cases, because we also care about your instrument.

At GEWA Made in Germany, tradition becomes the present.