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GEWA Form shaped violin case Bio I S
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GEWA Form shaped violin case Bio I S

article variants
  • Organic flax shell
  • Padded suspension system
  • Weight ca. 1,6 kg
  • Soft handle
  • GEWA patented swivel type holder for 2 bows
  • Accessory compartment
  • 2 detachable rucksack straps
  • Exterior grey
  • Interior velvet black
GEWA item number:
1600 g

Sustainability is an increasingly crucial aspect in all areas of our lives.

Raw materials are becoming scarce, mountains of waste are growing and opposing this trend is usually very costly.

With the BIO|S series, we want to give you another opportunity to step out of the constant cycle of raw material scarcity and over-waste. And that at an affordable price as well.

The shells are made of naturally renewable flax fibres, which are very light in this form and provide excellent insulation against temperature fluctuations. By reducing the interior design to the essentials, the BIO|S Case is and remains pragmatic and inexpensive. Not a hip eco-idea for high earners, but a real alternative for everyone, right from the start.


Bei der Entwicklung eines Basis-Modells für die Liuteria-Serie haben wir uns im ersten Entwurf auf das Nötigste beschränkt. Ein stabiles Case, das ohne viel Schnickschnack auskommt. 

Aber wir lieben Schnickschnack. Und wir lieben Komfort. 

Deshalb haben wir uns dieses Basis-Modell noch einmal vorgenommen und mit einigen hochwertigen Featuresausgestattet: Hygrometer, Schweizer Schloss, abgesteppter Samtboden, extra Zubehörfächer, Ledergriff … alles in professioneller Qualität.

Das ist Liuteria ATLANTA.

Für alle, die keine Kompromisse eingehen wollen.

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High-quality instruments are and always have been our mission.

But they must also be affordable and accessible to all.

And of course the same goes for bags and cases that the instruments are entrusted to.

GEWA German Engineered products are 100% conceptualised and designed by our experts in Germany. Know-how, experience and a constantly open ear for the needs of musicians characterise the work of the development teams.

In cooperation with partner and GEWA-owned production facilities all over the world, ideas are turned into products. These locations enable us to use production techniques that are not available in this form elsewhere.

Our specialists regularly visit all the production sites to train the staff and ensure that all aspects of production are in line with our expectations.

This enables us to guarantee a reasonable price at a consistently high production quality. But that is not quite enough for us.

That's why every single product is put through its paces again in our service workshops before delivery. Only in this way can we be sure that GEWA German Engineered is always the right choice.