Liquid 2K-PUR foam is injected under heat into a mold. After expanding and curing, the shell can be lined on the inner. On the outer usually a water resistant layer is used. Even wood screws can be fixed in this dense and hard material. By adjusting the two chemical components the mechanical properties can be adjusted.

High torsional strength, very low weight, outstanding thermal insulation, medium puncture/impact resistance.

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  • Made in Germany
  • De Luxe viola oblong case
  • Thermo shell
  • Padded suspension system
  • Weight ca. 3,8 kg
  • Water-repellent screw-attached cover with large music pocket
  • GEWA patented swivel-type holder
  • Flexible bow holder
  • Blanket
  • Accessory compartments
  • Leather handle
  • 2 detachable Neoprene rucksack straps
  • Paper drawing scale 1 : 1 necessary
  • Handmade JAEGER interior
  • On customer request: Exterior Soft Tex
  • On customer request: Interior velvet plush
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