Tradition since 1925

Since 1925 GEWA is dedicated to string bow instruments and their accessories.

What started out as a small luthier workshop in East Germany has become a globally acting team of excellent craftsmen. The passion for master instruments carefully crafted in Adorf to the tradition of European luthiers has been enhanced by modern state of the art machinery, to create this kind of instrument also for beginners. 

So you really get both worlds with GEWA – outstanding completely handmade string bow instruments from premium selected European tonewood, crafted by our master luthiers in Adorf. As well as the best value for high-tec processed instruments that are traditionally hand varnished, with top notch components.

Double Basses


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Our double basses workshop has a long tradition of manual production of the highest level. Our masters are responsible for the entire procedure, starting with the wood selection, through to the storage and processing, right up until the instrument is completely finished. So in each instrument the look, sound and the color have been created by their own luthier.  These instruments have been part of the orchestral scene for decades and they can be heard in the largest concert halls in the world, from the New York Philharmonic to the Scala in Milan.

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